Sketchbook #3: Sketchbook Skool Selfies

Photograph of pencil self portrait drawing

Another Sketchbook Skool homework, and this week’s teacher was Koosje Koene. The homework was to draw a minimum of 7 self portraits (1 a day) in different styles.

Some by looking in a mirror, some (like this one) from a photo and some from imagination. I drew this one in HB pencil on 135gsm cartridge paper, which has a much smoother texture than my watercolour sketchbook.

I’d not drawn in pencil for ages. I generally prefer to use a pen these days but it was interesting to notice how familiar it still feels to sketch with a pencil.

Sketchbook #2: Fast, Slow

Photograph of a pen and ink sketch of a bag

I started the 2nd semester of Sketchbook Skool last Friday and have done a couple of homework assignments already. The second homework involved using 2 different media (in my case watercolour and black pen) to draw one object from observation.

The paint is used to record what you see at first glance, really quickly and then you take much more time with the pen to record things more accurately as you really see them.

This is my second go at this fast-slow method and I decided to draw my rucksack, which is fairly complex (although I’ve just realised that I’ve missed a little detail – I wonder why I didn’t see that before?) I really like this way of drawing. It’s interesting to see the differences between the 2 layers and how that kind of highlights the different ways we can look at and see the things around us.

This one was done using Windsor and Newton watercolour paint and Copic Multiliner pens in 0.3 and 0.5.

Today #1: Potting Plants and Meditating

Closeup of red and green succulent leaves

Closeup of money plant leaves

Aeonium plant

Mindfulness book by Mark Williams and ear phones

Creativity is Having Fun in Making mistakes quotation in magazine

In-keeping with my June photo project, a few photographs to capture some of the moments in my everyday life.

Today: potting up new plants that arrived in the post, reading the next chapter in my Mindfulness book and doing the Body Scan meditation & a quote from Judith van der Giesson in the latest copy of Flow magazine.

Sketchbook #1: Raspberry

Overhead view of raspberry in a sketchbook

Following on from my month-long photo challenge in June I thought it might be nice to start a series of posts sharing things from my sketchbook. Either finished drawings or works in progress.

Watercolour of raspberry and paints

Rather than scanning them my plan is to photograph them in situ while I’m working on them or as soon as I’ve finished. It won’t be a daily post but probably once a week or so.

21 in June #21: Strawberry

Close-up of one strawberry on a table

Today marks the end of this little photography challenge that I set for myself. My aim was to start picking up my camera regularly again and use it to photograph my everyday life. I’m quite happy that I’ve managed to find something to photograph every day, even on days when it’s felt quite difficult.

Whether I’ve managed to capture my day in each photograph I’m not so sure but that’s maybe something for me to keep working on over the summer.