Flower Doodles

Black line drawings of flowers

Unlike yesterday, this definitely is a page from my sketchbook that I’ve not posted on here before!

Another artist whose work I like is Lisa Congdon. This page is one of a few in my current sketchbook that was inspired by her work.

Although I really enjoy drawing from observation and illustrating things from my everyday life, now and again I fancy doing something a bit different. This is the kind of drawing that I can do while watching a TV programme so it’s great for winter evenings or days when I’m tired but still want to draw something.

Like any kind of drawing, not every one turns out perfectly, as you can see here, but it’s just another way that I get my pen to paper sometimes.

Relying On An Old Drawing

Kilner jar and tiny jam jar

I’m feeling ill again today so I decided that rather than push myself to get a new drawing done for today I’d share an old one that I don’t think I’ve posted before – of my sugar jar and a very tiny, empty jam jar. On the plus side, I realised I could scan to a USB drive so I could get this drawing onto my Chromebook. Silver linings and all that.

Edit: I’ve just realised that I have actually shared this drawing before in one of my sketchbook posts. Never mind! It’s in a slightly different format here I suppose :).

Planning a Quiet Week

Red Advent candle

I’m still trundling along without a proper laptop and stuff that’s usually fairly quick and simple is taking me quite a bit longer but I’m grateful that I’m still able to get things up on my blog in some shape or form the meantime.

This slowness is quite fitting this week as I’m aiming to do very little over the next few days. I have one thing this week that is scheduled for a fixed time. Other than that things are hopefully going to be fairly quiet and relaxing. That’s the plan anyway!

Creative Links #3: Staying Creative, Simplifying and E-courses

Red Postbox London

Yesterday my laptop broke and it meant that I wasn’t able to post a new drawing on my blog as I’d planned. I’m currently using a Chromebook, which is fine for the moment but it’s browser-based so I’m having to figure out different ways of getting my work from my camera and scanner to my blog.

It’s all do-able but at the moment it feels a bit more clunky. This is also making me re-assess how reliant I am on technology, particularly things that aren’t web-based and can only be accessed from one location. It’s definitely something for me to think about for the future.

Anyway, I managed to edit a photo from my phone for today and I have a few links to share:

  • As Christmas approaches, Leo Babauta suggests 5 Questions to consider that might help you to simplify life during what can be a hectic time.
  • Sketchbook Skool’s 3 kourses will be starting again in January and February. I’ve taken all 3 this year and I can’t recommend them enough for anyone who draws, wants to draw, thinks they can’t draw or wants to start drawing again after a long break.
  • Danny Gregory explains a bit more about the philosophy and approach of Sketchbook Skool and how the supportive Sketchbook Skool community can make a huge difference for students who feel like giving up on their drawing.
  • I’ve mentioned this on Twitter recently, but my friend Joy is running her course on How to Take Better Photos of Nature and the World Around You again in January. This is another course that I’ve taken so again, I can recommend it. It’s aimed at beginners so you don’t need a fancy camera and Joy will guide you through how to take more professional looking, creative photographs.
  • With the year coming to an end very soon it’s natural to feel a bit reflective but Austin Kleon reminds us once again not to spend all of December in retrospection.

Back to Yoga Class

Drawing of feet, purple yoga mat

I’ve picked a drawing from the beginning of this year for this post. I’ll probably still make a new drawing at some point later today but I wanted to post something before then and I don’t think I’ve shared this one before.

I’ve spent a big chunk of the last few weeks feeling either very tired or a bit ill. I wasn’t sure if it was the M.E, another cold/virus or a bit of both. Whatever it was, I needed to rest quite a lot and even when my naturally stubborn nature tried to push through, my body just wasn’t having any of it so, rest it was.

Among other things, that meant that I missed my weekly yoga class for about 3 weeks. I’ve been going to the same place roughly once a week to do yoga for about 4 years now.

Because my energy’s usually in short supply that class is a sort of cornerstone of my week. It gives me an opportunity to be out among other, like-minded people and now, familiar faces. I have a couple of other things that I do regularly each week that give me some structure and interaction with others but my yoga class is the one I’ve been doing for the longest.

Once a week I make time for myself, where for one hour I just focus on the present moment, away from any distractions at home and it gives me a physical and a psychological boost.

I’ve noticed that when I have a break from it for a while, I gradually start to find myself feeling a bit more stressed or anxious. Sometimes that creeps up on me so, although today’s class was the last one until January, it was good to feel well enough to go back and just ‘be’ for a while again.