A Keyhole View

Drawing of a living room seen through a keyhole

I’m using a Leuchtturm sketchbook at the moment. My last 2 sketchbooks have been Moleskine watercolour pads but trying to use watercolours in the Leuchtturm has been a bit tricky.

The paper is nice and thick (180g/m²) so ink and paint tend not to show through the other side of the page. That is unless, like me, you slosh a lot of water around on the page and then there can be a tiny bit of seepage but nothing major.

The bigger problem I’ve had is that the paint dries quite quickly so brush strokes can be visible where you don’t want them to be and it makes it difficult to blend colours on the page. And of course the paper wrinkles a bit as it dries too but then I think that’s to be expected.

Because of this I decided to practise a bit more with coloured pencils instead of watercolours and they work really nice on the smooth, white paper in the Leuchtturm book. So I think I’ll use this sketchbook mostly with pencil and coloured pencils and maybe some pen and ink drawings because it’s really not designed for watercolour paints. Plus it means I get to play around with other media for a change.

This drawing is of my living room. It’s not strictly an observational drawing though, so if you did happen to stare through the keyhole of my front door this isn’t quite the view you would get (in case you were thinking of doing that)!

I bought a copy of Andrea Joseph‘s book recently, which arrived last week. It inspired me to have a go at drawing from imagination and I also fancied learning how to draw a ‘fish-eye’ view too so that was interesting. I don’t think the perspective is perfect but it’s good enough.

I’m still trying to work out how anyone would manage to sit on my sofa if the coffee table was as close to it as I’ve drawn it here.

A (Sort of) Accidental Photograph


Another photo from last week. Like Friday’s photo this one was taken next to St Paul’s Cathedral.

At this point I’d sat down on a bench for a rest and when I looked behind me I noticed the phone box and lamp-post so I leaned back and took a picture of them. This lady and her dog were walking past so I immediately took another photo to get them in the ‘frame’ of the trees. So it was a chance photograph and one of my favourites from that day.

Single Rose

Photo of a red rose.

Here’s another picture from my walk on Monday. This rose stood out for me because it was a chilly day and quite grey and cloudy so the bright red was quite a contrast. It was growing in the grounds of St Paul’s Cathedral, which is the building in the background.

Illustrating a Tiny Journey

Illustrated journey to the postbox

Last week was the final week of the Sketchbook Skool Storytelling klass and our teacher was Danny. He shared thoughts and drawings from his travels and encouraged us to illustrate a journey of our own.

I seem to have been semi-hibernating for a few weeks so I kept my journey very small and illustrated my trip to the postbox around the corner from where I live in London.

I think maybe I need to go back to some of the stuff we learned in the ‘Seeing’ klass if the drawing of my shoes is anything to go by!

I started off drawing with a fine Copic brush pen but I found it a bit cumbersome so quicly went back to a multiliner 0.3 and used the brush pen for some of the fatter lines like the outlines of the boxes. Click on the image to see a bigger version if you like.

Resting and Recovering

Watercolour drawing of mobile phone

While resting on the sofa yesterday I did a bit of drawing and listened to a podcast on my phone. I think today is going to be much the same.

Pigma Micron 03 and watercolour paints on a full page in my Leuchtturm sketchbook.