Monthly Archives: January 2012

Photos: The small details

I’ve been a bit hit and miss with the blog lately. Last week I seemed to post quite a few things and this week barely anything. To be honest I’ve been feeling a bit rough this week but things seem to be picking up a bit again. I’m also mulling over a few ideas at the moment for how I might develop this blog a little bit. I’m not sure if they’ll come to anything yet but if they do I’ll let you know.

In the meantime I have some photos to share. I seem to have a tendency to focus in on smaller details when I take photographs. Rather than wide landscapes or big panoramas I like the small details in things so that the theme this week. It’s been a beautiful sunny day again so was perfect for going out and about with my camera. Here are some of the tinier things I noticed while I was out today:

Please comment below and let me know what you think of these. :)

Adventures in Photography Class

Today I went on an Intensive DSLR Photography course for beginners. It was really good and I learned lots as well as enjoying myself. I was also very proud of the fact that it was a whole day (well, 10:30am-5pm) and I got through it fine. This was the first full day working/learning thing I’ve done in a LONG time – I can’t remember the last.

I’ve had my Canon EOS 1000D for over a year and kept meaning to learn more about how to use the manual functions on it but never got around to it until now. Either the courses I’ve looked at have been booked up before I’ve had a chance to book a place or they have been during evenings or weekends. I wanted a daytime course on a weekday because this is when I have a lot of free time, when I have the most free time. So I found this course, which not only was at the right time but was only a 10 minute walk from home! Another bonus was that it was just one day – no long term commitment but there are further, more advanced courses you can go on later on if you choose.

I won’t go into detail about all the things I learned today – partly because some of it is still sinking in. I thought I’d just share with you some of my favourites out of the photos that I took today. Still lots more to learn and lots more practise needed but I hope you enjoy these and they’re not just snaps this time – I’m so proud!