Monthly Archives: March 2012

Creativity and state of mind


Some of you will know that I have M.E and you will also remember my many posts on here in the past where I wrote about how I was struggling to figure out how to live a ‘normal’ life while also looking after my health. I had grown used to making plans for my career and acting upon them without really having to think about it too much. Life has its own ideas sometimes and gradually I’m beginning to accept that certain hopes I might have had for a career or a career change are not possible at the moment, not only because of my health but for a number of reasons.


That’s not to say I’m giving up or deciding that those things will never be possible but what I’m accepting is that for now there are other opportunities to pursue. What I’m also learning is that rather than focusing on the restrictions life might have placed upon me it’s good to also realise that I now have a lot of freedom to explore other opportunities and just have a bit of fun doing that.

Creativity and focus

What you may also remember are the numerous times I wrote about nurturing my creative side – doing more drawing, photography and that kind of thing. Well, things are finally beginning to ‘click’ for me. I’m naturally finding myself doing more creative things and what I’m discovering is that by being creative I’m also helping myself. What I mean is that when I sit down and draw or get my camera and practise taking photos my mind is focused on that and not much else. Even if only for a few minutes I stop with all the ‘what if’s and the worries and stresses I might be dealing with and I am totally focused on what is happening right then in the present.


For a few reasons I felt a bit low this morning. I also felt tired so I resisted my natural urge to go for a walk to take my mind off things. Instead I focused on doing something creative and also productive and this helped to calm my mind. It might not seem like much but that figure in the photo that looks slightly like an alien is something I’m quite proud of and that sketch is something I’m also going to be developing into something more so keep an eye out for that. Speaking of which I’ll also make sure it has eyelashes on both eyes before I continue!

Stop worrying

It’s rubbish sometimes when what you hoped for in life doesn’t happen and it’s frustrating when the way you might normally deal with things is no longer appropriate but, or should I say, BUT that’s life. It’s never ever going to be perfect and there are always going to be things that disrupt it and that you have to work around so as difficult as it is sometimes to remember this, I’m trying to stop getting upset about that and start enjoying it a lot more.

DIY stamp kit

Favourite craft blogs

One of my favourite craft blogs at the moment is Lauren Elise Crafted. I came across this and many other craft blogs while we were planning our wedding. I’ve always been quite creative and enjoyed drawing and making things so planning a wedding was a good way to express that side of me :). Lauren has a really beautiful blog with a huge range of craft and homemade goodies, which she shows off really well, not only because of the clean and simple deisgn of the site but also due to some great photography. Go and have a look for yourself.

Letter stamp kit

Anyway, I was reading Lauren’s blog the other day and came across a post about a letter stamp kit. It was one of a series of posts she refers to as ‘Inventory’ posts where she highlights some of her favourite craft materials. As soon as I saw this item I wanted it! It’s basically a rubber stamp with a separate set of letters and numbers that you attach in any sequence you want, using the tweezers included, in order to stamp your chosen word or sentence. I could just see lots of possibilities for using something like this in craft projects.

Self inking

Inspired by Lauren Elise, I went out today and found a very similar kit in Ryman stationery shop. The difference between this one and the one Lauren has is that this one has a self inking stamp so no need for a separate ink pad. It allows you to attach up to four lines of text so you could simply use it to add addresses to envelopes for example.

Detailed review

I won’t go into much more detail as I’ve only just bought this so haven’t played with it much yet. Also I don’t want to repeat anything that Lauren has already blogged about so I’ll just direct you to her post, entitled Inventory: Custom Letter Stamp Kit.

New toy

I’m very excited about my new toy. I also bought a traditional date stamper too and I’m looking forward to using both of them in some projects soon.