Monthly Archives: April 2012

A tiny painting

Super tiny canvases

A few people on Twitter may remember a couple of weeks ago that I was trying to find out where I could buy tiny blank canvases.

Until recently the smallest ones I could find were like the one pictured – about 10cm x 10cm. I was looking for something about 5cm x 5cm.

Wedding colours

I think I’ve finally tracked down something that, although not ideal, might work for what I have in mind.

In the meantime it seemed a shame to waste the slightly bigger canvases I’d already got so, inspired by the colours from my wedding bouquet, I knocked out this little painting the other day.

I wasn’t totally happy with the shade of green I ended up with but never mind. I’ll just keep practising.

Painted pegs

I haven’t been as active or as creative as I would have liked over the past few weeks.

I’m plodding on, though and my latest ‘thing’ is this little project – my painted pegs.

Painted pegs

By no means perfect or original but I’ve hand painted one side of each of these using acrylic paints and then (if they haven’t already) they will each have a magnet attached to the unpainted side so they can be used to hold notes and memos.

So I’m still slowly plodding on with stuff like this. As I suspected, regularly doing something creative is fun and seems to be good for my mind too.

I think these photos also show the real change in the light and weather over the course of today so far.

Pastel coloured painted pegs

Treating myself after a long weekend

I woke up far too early today and couldn’t get back to sleep so ended up getting up, getting dressed and washing some clothes before I started to flag a bit.

Being out of my usual weekend and weekday routine has thrown me a bit. No doubt many people have found the same.

So today I got up and carried on as usual but decided to indulge in some pancakes (crepes for the non-British readers :)) for breakfast.

As before, I’m not going to bother with a recipe as it’s easily found online and in recipe books.

I made mine using wheat-free flour and soya milk, just because that’s what we had in.

The apple was a Braeburn, cut into 8 segments and roasted in the oven for about 15 minutes with a little bit of butter, cinnamon and nutmeg.

A blob of Greek yogurt and some berries (and a cup of tea, of course) also helped to make this a very welcome treat as I ease myself into another short week.

Easter photos: the end of the chocolate fast

Happy Easter! As previously mentioned, I gave up chocolate for Lent again this year.

Unlike last year’s pitiful attempt at this, which saw me, on more than one occasion, succumb to a Pret choc bar  (have you seen how many calories is in one of those?!) I went the whole 7 weeks without any chocolate at all!!

This was in spite of husband dragging me into Hotel Chocolat in Covent Garden at the beginning of Lent to watch how they grind cocoa beans and turn them into actual chocolate.

He also innocently suggested one evening that I try a sip of his Ovaltine (how racy are we?!), which I’ve never had, until I sniffed it and realised there was cocoa in it.

It was also inevitable that the one and only children’s birthday party that I went to during Lent had a chocolate birthday cake.

Anyway, I love Easter for lots of reasons. I also love going to church at Easter too – yes, I know this is not very fashionable but then I never have been. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to Mass today (as I’ve been feeling tired and rubbish for a few days now) but the chocolate fasting ended all the same, as you can see.

I’ve actually been surprised at how little I’ve missed chocolate over the past couple of months (ish). Maybe this means that from now on I’ll not eat it as often as I used to – or maybe I just need to get back into the swing of chocolate eating.