The Shard laser show

The Shard

Last Thursday we went for a walk late in the evening to view the laser ‘show’ from the Shard.

The Shard is apparently the tallest building in Western Europe at the moment and Thursday evening was its inauguration.

We headed down to the river, along with quite a lot of other people and found a good view from Southwark Bridge, albeit next to a man who was complaining loudly about the Diamond Jubilee and how pointless it was. We stuck with our position for the view though.

Lighting up landmarks

The lasers shining out from the Shard were directed towards various landmarks around London. Since the light show was due to go on for a while we just stayed for a few minutes and then headed home, via St Paul’s which was one of the buildings being lasered.

I should have taken a tripod with me really but I didn’t think to. Most of the photos I took were therefore rather blurry but one or two came out ok and it was interesting to see this anyway.

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