6 thoughts on “Being Nosy

  1. tarynwhipp

    I am terrible for this! I cant help myself!
    Even though i live on an end terrace and get really annoyed when people stare in my house! (Normally because im prancing about in my PJ’s but thats a whole other story!)

  2. debbieinlondon

    I LOVE it when we are out driving around as it’s getting dark and people have turned on their lights but not closed their curtains yet. Especially locally, as our area has lots of weirdly shaped little houses the same as ours and I like to see how other people have coped with it and how they have arranged their furniture to best advantage etc. I also hang out on sites like Right Move and look at local houses for the same reason!

    1. concretemoomin

      Yes! This is why I like the darker evenings too. I always like to see how people have their homes arranged and whether I can get any ideas from them. We couldn’t see that in this flat but it stll looked pretty and cosy :). How are you?

      1. debbieinlondon

        Having a setback or a relapse or whatever they call it :( Overdid it – few days away n holiday, which always requires an easy few days after, but I didn’t rest because a cousin with no closer family than me went in hospital, so daily hospital visiting for over a week. Completely knackered. My new eating plan was helping with energy levels but of course that all went out the window with me feeling shattered, too. Need to get back on track but too knackered to do so! I expect I will be alright in a few days! Are you over your setback? I think you were not too well a couple of weeks ago?


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