Tutorial: Washi Tape Christmas Cards


I made some Christmas cards earlier this week and they were so quick to make that I thought I’d share with you how to make them. The method can be used for any greetings card so it’s not just limited to Christmas.

This is a very simple tutorial that even the not-so-crafty should be able to follow with some success!

You will need:

  • Washi tape – ideally 2-3 different colours/patterns (and it doesn’t HAVE to be washi tape, it can be any decorative tape really)
  • Scissors, craft knife or paper cutter
  • A piece of card – I used an A4 sheet of white craft card
  • Pre-scored greeting card blanks
  • Pencil and ruler
  • (Not pictured) some adhesive – a tape pen or double-sided tape is perfect

How to:

    1. Select which tapes you want to use and begin sticking them across your card in parallel lines with no gap between each strip of tape.
      (So far I’ve found 3 tape-widths are about enough for a smallish embellishment but it all depends on what shape and size you’re going for and also how wide your tape is).


  • Trim any excess tape from the edges of the card and cut so you are left with just the tape-covered piece of card (can you spot the mistake in continuity here? ;))



  • Turn the strip of card over and on the back use your pencil and ruler to make a mark at 2.5cm (about 1 inch) intervals.



  • Then on the opposite edge make marks at the same intervals but stagger them so that these pencil marks are half way between the first lot you made (I hope that makes sense).


    1. Use the pencil and ruler to draw diagonal lines connect the marks you’ve just made.If you’re using double-sided tape this would be a good point at which to cover the whole of the back of the card with tape. If you’re using sticky dots or a tape pen then you may want to apply the adhesive after cutting the shapes out.

  1. Cut along the pencil lines and you will be left with little tree-shaped triangles.
  2. Use your computer and printer or a DIY stamp kit to print a greeting on the front of your greeting card.
  3. Apply adhesive or peel off the backing from your double-sided tape and stick your tree to the front of your card. That’s it!

I think I’ve made it sound a bit more complicated than it actually is so if you have any questions please ask.

Any Shape

Obviously you don’t have to just make triangles or tree shapes.

To make this even easier you can print simple shapes onto one side of the card before applying your washi tape, which is what I did with the stars.

Numbers or Letters

You can also print numbers to use on birthday cards, although do remember to print them as a mirror image as you will be applying your tape to the back of the number, which will then become the front once finished (it makes sense to me!).

Have fun.

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