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Sketchbook Skool Drawings

Waercolour of a Caramel Wafer Biscuit

Over the past 6 weeks I took part in an online drawing course. I got a bit behind because I was ill so I need to go back and finish some of the work that I missed but these are a few drawings that I did complete.

Watercolour drawing of a wooden park bench in London

These drawings were inspired by the classes taught by Danny Gregory, Koosje Koene and Tommy Kane respectively.

Watercolour drawing of a kitchen, toaster, microwave

Watercolour Practise

Samples of watercolour gradation

I opened up my new pack of watercolour paints today. Until now I’d been using a cheap set that felt kind of chalky when I ran my brush over them. The new ones feel smoother and softer, and the colours are bright and vivid.

I’m taking part in Sketchbook Skool at the moment and decided to catch up on one of Prash‘s classes where he suggests playing with colour gradation, which was a nice little refresher in watercolour technique.

10 Ways to Give In To Fear

Bench seat in sunlight with shade to left side

Every so often I’ll realise that I’ve not been spending much time (if any) doing the creative things that I enjoy and that give me some perspective in my daily life. Taking photos and drawing get me noticing the things around me that I might not otherwise see. They help me to slow down and appreciate the little things that are all around me.

There are lots of reasons that I take a break from drawing or photographing stuff but one thing I try to stay conscious of is fear. It’s really easy to become paralysed by fear so that you just stop creating and then getting back into being creative becomes a real struggle.

10 Ways to Give in to Fear

  1. Listen to the person or people who criticise what you do or how you do it – start wondering if they are right.
  2. Decide that what you create will be disappointing.
  3. Worry that what you create isn’t (or won’t be) original and that it’s all been done before.
  4. Spend too long looking at what others are doing – start to compare yourself to them and decide that you will never be as good.
  5. Ignore/ forget any praise or positive feedback you’ve had, even if it far outweighs the negative.
  6. Over think your creative projects – never get beyond the planning stage.
  7. Decide you have nothing worthwhile to add.
  8. Feel embarrassed or that people will laugh at you.
  9. Find distractions – put off doing the creative things you enjoy, i.e. procrastinate.
  10. Agree with your inner critic when it suggests you are being frivolous or self-indulgent.

In what other ways does fear take over and stop you from being creative? How do you overcome it to get yourself back on track?


Chunky Crochet Circle Scarf

Brown crochet scarf close-up draped over rail

Crocheting, Not Knitting

I’d had an enormous ball of Patons Fab Big chunky acrylic yarn sitting around since before Christmas, untouched.

It was a 200g ball and came with a knitting pattern for a scarf that you could make from just one ball of this yarn.

I’m currently unable to cast on or off so knitting is out for the moment but I did want to crochet a scarf so last weekend I set about it.


I found this pattern and although I found it a little confusing at first I soon got into the swing of it. I used a 12mm hook because the yarn I used was so chunky, and because each row is quite tall the scarf soon grew.

Brown crochet scarf folded

The pattern suggests repeating rows 1-4 twice but I just completed rows 1-4 and then repeated rows 1 and 2, otherwise I would have ended up with some kind of tent rather than a scarf.

I was pretty confident that Id get a whole scarf out of 200g of yarn, I mean the label on the yarn said I would but this pattern had other ideas and I needed a second ball of yarn to finish it off!

I thought I’d picked the wrong time of year to crochet a chunky scarf as it’s almost Spring, but with the weather being as cold as it has recently, I think I’m going to get quite a bit of wear out of it before Spring springs.