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Enforced Rest

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Too Hot

I generally find the summers here in London far too hot and although I tend to complain about them I am grateful that they’re usually relatively short.

I put up with them and try to keep my moans to a minimum because I realise that lots of people actually enjoy the hotter days.

Slowing Down

I find the best way to cope with the higher temperatures is to just slow down and stop trying to do quite as much as I normally would, in order to avoid getting uncomfortable, tired and dehydrated.

This year we’ve had a heat wave and the beginning of it coincided with me starting to have a bit more energy compared with the previous couple of months.

I found that really frustrating because just as I was starting to feel able to do more, and maybe go out, the weather got too hot for me to be able to do very much at all so I (reluctantly) retreated a little bit.

I spent a couple of days feeling a bit annoyed because there are countless times when I’ve wanted to do things or visit places but have needed to rest because physically I didn’t have enough energy.

It felt very unfair that my energy picked up at a time when it was too uncomfortable to do a lot.

Obviously I couldn’t change the weather so I convinced myself to relax into the slower pace and started to enjoy it a bit more.

Lessons to Remember

The hot weather meant that if I needed to go to the shops I was doing so early(ish) in the morning before it got too hot. The hottest part of the day I spent inside.

Most walks I went on, apart from my shopping trips, were in the early evening and were kept short (no more than about 5-10 minutes each way).

I spent a few days this way and then when I went out to my yoga class (the one big activity I had planned for the week) I actually felt like I had a bit more energy than usual.

It seemed that this period of enforced rest might have actually done me some good.

Not only that, but I found that I was allowing myself more time to get to places, so rather than dashing to my class at the last minute, I set off early, strolled there and sat in the shade with a drink before heading inside to do yoga.

It seems that the season I enjoy the least may have taught me a few lessons about using my energy and resting that I should bear in mind whatever the weather.