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Nature Sketch

Watercolour landscape

This is another Sketchbook Skool drawing from a few weeks ago. I’ve still not made it out to do an architecture drawing for Liz Steel‘s klass (I will at some point) but this one is a nature sketch I did when Cathy Johnson was teaching us.

I did this from a photograph that I took (but didn’t post on here) at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

The bit on the right hand side is just a section of the facing page that the scanner caught. Cathy recommended playing around with all the different greens, yellows and blues in our palettes so we had a reference point for the main drawing and it was (and still is) very handy to have that.

I resized this picture before posting it, as I do with all the images on here but with this one you can click on it and see the higher-res version on my Flickr stream if you’re interested.

When I Drew Tommy Kane

Watercolor portrait of Tommy Kane

Back in April I signed up for the first semester of the online art class, Sketchbook Skool, set up by Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene. I’m just coming to the end of the second semester and I’ve learnt a lot in the 12 ‘klasses’ I’ve now taken.

In the first semester Danny’s friend Tommy Kane taught a klass and inspired each of us to draw a detailed picture of our kitchen.

At the end of his klass quite¬† few students drew portraits of Tommy and sent them to him. In June I noticed that Tommy had set up a Tumblr blog, where he posted the portraits he’d received and mentioned that if anyone else would like to have a go he would email them a high-res photo to draw from.

I emailed Tommy and he said that I was the first to get in touch as he hadn’t launched the site at that point. I did my drawing quite quickly and sent it off but it was only last week that I contacted him and found out that he’d never received it so I sent it again and it’s now on the Tumblr alongside about 200 others, which makes me quite proud. It was also great to get some really positive comments about my drawing from Tommy, an artist whose work I admire.

Not long after I finished my drawing I was also very relieved to hear Danny comment that Tommy is almost impossible to draw and that no-one ever quite manages to capture a true likeness. That made me feel a bit more relaxed about sharing my drawing!

Drawing August Part 2

6 small watercolor drawings on one page grid

Here are drawings 7-12 for Drawing August this year. Looking at the scan of this page I’m starting to wonder if it might be a better idea for me to photograph my drawings in future. I think I’ll have to experiment with that.

I’m in the last few days of Sketchbook Skool at the moment too and have one more homework to do this week. I’ve also got a few drawings that I want to keep working on from this semester as well and lots of ideas for new sketchbook projects. I seem to have 3 sketchbooks on the go at the moment and 2 more waiting in the wings. More about that in my next post!

Drawing August Part 1

6 small watercolour drawings in a grid

Last year I took part in the first run of ‘Drawing August’, which is a Twitter based drawing challenge organised by Jean Stevens. It’s running again this year and I signed myself up for it.

As before, the idea is simply to do one drawing every day throughout the month of August and share that drawing on Twitter using the Drawing August hashtag.

The second semester of Sketchbook Skool that I’m taking part in overlaps with Drawing August by about 2 weeks so I decided that I needed to make this year’s Drawing August a bit more manageable so that I don’t run out of energy part way through.

Last year I did a pen and ink drawing every day in August with each drawing usually taking up most of an A5 page in my sketchbook. I decided to try something a bit different this year so every day in August I’ll be making a tiny drawing. There’ll be 6 or 7 tiny drawings on each A5 page in my sketchbook and when I’ve filled a page I’ll share them here as well as sharing each one individually on Twitter day by day.

I’ve not given myself a theme or anything but my limitation is the size of the drawing. These are my first 6 and they were all done in watercolour paint and either HB pencil or a multiliner pen.

Sketchbook #4: Single Contour Drawing

Coloured drawing of pepper mill, spoon and cockerel

This week in Sketchbook Skool the ‘Seeing’ klass is all about nature. Cathy Johnson‘s been encouraging us to draw the birds in our gardens and to really see the different colour and tonal values in what we draw.

This drawing though, is from last week’s klass with Brenda Swenson. I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this homework but I was really pleased with what I drew in the end.

The idea was to use a water soluble pen and draw an object with a single contour, so without lifting your pen from start to finish. My first attempts at a teapot were a bit disappointing so I changed  to a pepper mill. With each drawing we added another object to the scene until we had drawn 3 objects without lifting the pen until the whole picture was complete.

It was hard and it also reminded me that spoons are difficult to draw, with all their curves and angles so that’s something else to practice.

You may have seen this on my Twitter feed last week but if not, I highly recommend watching this video of my teacher from last week, Brenda. It’s beautifully shot and very inspiring.