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Sketchbook #1: Raspberry

Overhead view of raspberry in a sketchbook

Following on from my month-long photo challenge in June I thought it might be nice to start a series of posts sharing things from my sketchbook. Either finished drawings or works in progress.

Watercolour of raspberry and paints

Rather than scanning them my plan is to photograph them in situ while I’m working on them or as soon as I’ve finished. It won’t be a daily post but probably once a week or so.

21 in June – #1

Glas jug of water corner of table

With the start of a new month I thought I’d give myself a little photography challenge as I’ve not been picking up my camera as often as I’d have liked.

I decided against challenging myself to take a photo every single day this month. Instead I thought I’d follow the example of Michael Nobbs, who aims to do one small creative thing every day for 5 days each week.

According to my calendar, there are 21 week days in June so my aim is to take at least one photo every day, Monday to Friday and share one of those photos here each week day.

I’m not following any particular theme so the pictures will just be of everyday life and/or things that grab my attention, starting with this jug of water that’s currently sitting on my coffee table. I’m feeling very dehydrated so this is what I will be drinking during the course of today.

An Incomplete Drawing

Coloured drawing of St Giles Crippplegate church tower

I can see this church from my living room window and started this drawing last Sunday. I’d no sooner begun that I was wondering what I’d got myself into. I kept drawing until things started to look a bit more wonky and then left it for a while.

It seemed like such a daunting drawing that I kept avoiding going back to finish it but at the same time I felt like I wanted to ‘draw a line under it’ before moving on to the next one, like it was hanging over me a bit.

So today I got back to it, finished off the brick and stonework (mostly) and decided that I wouldn’t draw any more of the building. As far as I know, there’s no rule that says I have to draw the entire church or nothing at all. It’s going to stay incomplete but with a bit of colour and that’s OK. Now I feel like I can turn the page and move on. Phew!

Sketchbook Skool Drawings

Waercolour of a Caramel Wafer Biscuit

Over the past 6 weeks I took part in an online drawing course. I got a bit behind because I was ill so I need to go back and finish some of the work that I missed but these are a few drawings that I did complete.

Watercolour drawing of a wooden park bench in London

These drawings were inspired by the classes taught by Danny Gregory, Koosje Koene and Tommy Kane respectively.

Watercolour drawing of a kitchen, toaster, microwave

10 Ways to Give In To Fear

Bench seat in sunlight with shade to left side

Every so often I’ll realise that I’ve not been spending much time (if any) doing the creative things that I enjoy and that give me some perspective in my daily life. Taking photos and drawing get me noticing the things around me that I might not otherwise see. They help me to slow down and appreciate the little things that are all around me.

There are lots of reasons that I take a break from drawing or photographing stuff but one thing I try to stay conscious of is fear. It’s really easy to become paralysed by fear so that you just stop creating and then getting back into being creative becomes a real struggle.

10 Ways to Give in to Fear

  1. Listen to the person or people who criticise what you do or how you do it – start wondering if they are right.
  2. Decide that what you create will be disappointing.
  3. Worry that what you create isn’t (or won’t be) original and that it’s all been done before.
  4. Spend too long looking at what others are doing – start to compare yourself to them and decide that you will never be as good.
  5. Ignore/ forget any praise or positive feedback you’ve had, even if it far outweighs the negative.
  6. Over think your creative projects – never get beyond the planning stage.
  7. Decide you have nothing worthwhile to add.
  8. Feel embarrassed or that people will laugh at you.
  9. Find distractions – put off doing the creative things you enjoy, i.e. procrastinate.
  10. Agree with your inner critic when it suggests you are being frivolous or self-indulgent.

In what other ways does fear take over and stop you from being creative? How do you overcome it to get yourself back on track?