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Blue Skies

St Paul's Cathedral

It wasn’t quite as cold outside as I would have liked today. My favourite winter days are chilly but sunny. Cold enough that you need to wrap up warm (preferably a bit frosty) but not so cold that you can’t bear walking around outside (not that it’s ever that cold here). Even so, I still went to a cafe and forced down a hot chocolate. It’s still winter after all.

Show Me The Money

Drawing of a five pound note

Phew! It’s done. I don’t know if I’ll ever (willingly) attempt to draw a bank-note again (unless it’s a not very detailed bank-note, or I want to punish myself) but since yesterday I’m glad to have this drawing finished.

It’s probably one of my drawings that’s taken the longest time to finish and as usual I can see a few areas that I’d do differently if I repeated it, or where I made mistakes (like the wonky metallic thread and the fact that the wiggly pattern on the left hand side isn’t supposed to continue right to the edge of the note) but overall I’m kind of pleased with it.

I certainly know a lot about the details on a five pound note now, and itt was definitely a challenge which is a good thing.

How D’You Like Them?

Apples1 Apples2

As well as the photography course that I mentioned yesterday, I’m also taking part in Sketchbook Skool‘s Bootkamp, which is for anyone who has completed all three SBS kourses.

Every couple of days for 6 weeks we get a new assignment just to keep us ticking over and make sure we keep up the drawing habit. I finished this one late yesterday afternoon and because it’s winter I was almost drawing in the dark by the time I’d finished. Which is a good incentive to learn to draw faster!

Silent Night

Cast iron lampost at night

This Christmas we had some family visit us for the day and we cooked a roast turkey dinner for everyone. When everyone had gone home in the early evening we went for a walk to enjoy the City at one of its quietest times of the year.

St Mary le Bow church

I still struggle a bit taking night time photos without a tripod but in spite of the graininess, these 5 came out OK and document a little bit of our walk.

Ye Olde Watling Pub and Christmas lights

I hope you have had (and are possibly still having) a happy, restful and peaceful festive season, however you celebrate it.

St Paul#s cathedral and Christmas lights

Globe theatre at night

St Pancras Light

St Pancras Station

I was in St Pancras Station today for the second time in 3 days and I took quite a lot of photos but I really liked the patterns and shadows created by the sun streaming in through the windows at the northern end of the building. I wonder where that aeroplane was flying to/from…